A Healing Journey

A Healing Journey is more than a book! It’s a guided journey through five powerful strategies that bring comfort and healing while showing you how to rebuild your life after loss.

A Healing Journey gently guides you through the transformation of pain into peace. Grief is the natural reaction to a significant emotional loss of any kind – a loved one, an unexpected or expected change, a divorce, dreams/goals not achieved, or early life trauma. Now you can transform your grief into peace and feel new inspiration and courage while reading personal stories and examples of healing. Most of all, the book offers comforting guidance to rebuild your life after loss.

As you work through each of the five powerful strategies you will:
• Gain clarity on how to rebuild your life one strategy at a time – at your own pace.
• Experience a new of sense of direction and purpose.
• Release guilt, regret and other painful emotions of grief.
• Find freedom in taking responsibility for your renewed life.
• Learn an easy way to meditate with a 21-day meditation experience journal.
• Access a digital library that includes guided meditations and pdf worksheets.
• Discover how the Spirit World can help you heal.

This book includes personal stories of hope in healing grief. It is a tool to guide your healing journey after loss. It includes exercises and meditations to help you heal. It will give you a new purpose and direction in your healing process. Experience relief from grief along with much needed comfort knowing you have the tools to help you through this journey.

***With the purchase of this book you’ll also receive free access to an online learning library as an added bonus. It includes guided meditations, Mp3 downloads, a place to share your insights with Jennifer, and additional worksheets as needed. Be sure to request your access once you receive your book. Instructions to request your bonus access are in the bottom of the table of contents section. ***


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