Day and Night Meditation Practice – Digital Download


Meditation CD for beginners


Power up your day with the morning meditation and prepare for a restful night sleep with the evening meditation 

This healthy living series of guided meditations is designed to help you develop a more consistent daily meditation for the work day and experience a restful night sleep.

The meditations in this CD are designed for all levels of experience.

The morning meditation practice assists you in preparing for your day with an energizing and intention-setting meditation.

The guided meditation for sleep is designed to help you calm your mind and body in preparation for a restful sleep.

Some of the many benefits of a consistent meditation practice include:

  • Emotional healing and decrease in muscle tension
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety, leading to increased concentration
  • Connection to divine energy and soul energy
  • Improved intuitive/psychic awareness creating clarity of thought
  • Overall improved well-being of the body mind and spirit

For the optimal experience:

  • Reduce distractions
  • Lower the light levels to help can help you relax
  • Sit comfortably with your back supported
  • Use headphones can help enhance your experience
  • Keep an open mind without expectations of the results
  • Practice often
  • Have fun with your meditation practice

Guided meditation for sleep

This meditation should be practiced when you are ready for bed in your quiet personal space or even in bed or if you’re experiencing insomnia during resting hours. With consistent practice, you may fall asleep quickly and not finish the track. For that reason, this track has a fade out process so you can remain asleep when the track ends.

Day and Night Meditation includes

Track one – Morning meditation introduction 2:33

Track two – Morning meditation practice 16:01

Track three – Evening meditation introduction 2:11

Track four – Evening meditation practice 15:30 

Preview Tracks

Track One – Morning Meditation Intro, 2 minutes


Track Two – Morning Meditation Practice, 16 minutes


Track Three – Evening Meditation Intro: 2 minutes

Track Four – Evening Meditation Practice: 15 minutes

Please do not listen to this CD while driving a car or operating machinery, or doing anything that requires your full concentration. This disc and the digital files it contains cannot be distributed or reproduced without written consent of Jennifer Farmer.