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If Angels Could Guide Us Directly, Psychic Medium Jennifer Farmer Reveals What They’d Say “An Intuitive Reading with Jennifer is not focused on contacting deceased loved ones, but rather on receiving ANSWERS and GUIDANCE from both SPIRIT and ENERGY. An Intuitive Reading assists us in dealing with our personal and professional concerns from all levels—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. “

Bob Olson creator of and Host of Afterlife TV

I had my first reading with Jennifer on 12/5/2013. Jennifer predicted that I would have a new job before Christmas 2013 and she had seen the job offer coming to me in the form of a contract. On 12/12/2013, I received a written job offer in a contract format which I accepted on 12/16/2013. Jennifer’s predictions where 100% accurate, a socking accuracy among most Psychic/Mediums. You should try a reading with Jennifer if you want 100% accuracy and answers to your questions.

John S. NJ, December 2013

“Jennifer is the real thing. She sets you quickly at ease, and her relaxed, open approach creates an immediate feeling of trust. Having a reading with Jennifer is like entering a spirit force field.  From the very first minute, Jennifer was there in spirit with three different people, all of whom had specific message to communicate. The first spirit was my grandmother, who died after along illness when I was 5. She had effectively been my mother, and her passing was my first experience of real grief. Jennifer zeroed immediately on my grandmother’s regret at leaving me behind. My grandmother also sent a message for my mother focusing on a very recent medical condition of which my grandmother was aware. Without prompting, Jennifer identified another spirit by name, and relayed his messages with the language and vocabulary he would have used, all while describing actual events that no one could have known. I hope to return to Jennifer again soon.”

Mary M., New York, February 2012

“Jennifer was a medium for me and my best friend Joy, at the time of her passing… what over came me most was guilt and regrets. When you saw my turmoil and came to me I hadn’t even cried yet, I even felt guilty about that. After you spoke to me and confirmed things only Joy would know, a peace of mind, heart and spirit came over me. We had been friends for over 20 years and you were so accurate with the experiences we shared as children. You were right on target with her likes and her personality to a tee.

I truly believe in my heart she spoke to you to comfort me and direct me to be a comfort for her daughter and sister… I no longer have regrets of not being there when she died because I know that she knows I love her. If I hadn’t spoken to you, I would still be grieving her death instead of celebrating her life and the years we shared as sisters and friends.”

Debra – Fort Worth, Texas

“Jennifer’s unparalleled gift of clarity, perception and impassioned dedication to high service has assisted me in breakthrough awareness, as well as the opening of my gifts and talents to the next level. She is extraordinarily perceptive and on a high level with the masters.”

Lanaiya King – Crystal Tone Transformational, Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you for an amazing session, Jennifer! I heard about you through Bob Olsen’s Of Spirit Newsletter and you definitely exceeded my hopes. I felt my son Ian’s presence so clearly and strongly thanks to your well-honed abilities. As a mother yourself I know you can imagine the peace your brought to me. I have booked a May appointment with you for an intuitive session and am already looking forward to gaining insights from you! With gratitude,

Cheryl Smith, March 2009

“What most excites me about Jennifer’s reading style is that she integrates both ‘psychic insight’ with ‘spirit communication’ for an information-packed reading that gives us answers and direction from both sources.  Her ability to read energy (as a psychic) and her ability to receive messages from spirit (as a medium) provide us with the desired guidance we seek that we might not trust from our own intuition.”

Bob Olson – Editor,,

“Jennifer has been a positive spiritual advocate in my life. My grandmother came to Jennifer while we were having a conversation. Jennifer sensed that I was not in a very good place and began to speak to me about my grandmother. I had never shared any stories with Jennifer about my grandmother, but once she began sharing some things with me I knew she possessed a natural gift that could provide a sense of peace to me and others.”

Robin – Fort Worth, TX

“I found Jennifer to communicate well over the phone when setting up our appointment and arrived at the appointed hour ready to start. At the beginning she asked what I thought that I would like to do, explaining different styles and types of readings: family work or life work. I think that we did a combination of both. I thought she was accurate and came through with what I needed to hear.

From the start, Jennifer put me at ease, making me feel comfortable with the process and knowing that this was a session that she would as private as my life is. We ended the session well over an hour later with positive notes and things that I could do to let more light envelope me. I would and have recommended Jennifer to several people. I hold her in high esteem as a tool to further promote life and love. Thank you for the opportunity to tell yet another person about Jennifer Farmer.”

Bruce – Dallas, Texas

“Hi Jennifer, where do I start. The session was more that I imagined. It meant so much to hear from my mom. So much of what you have said makes complete sense. All I want in this life is to find meaning and purpose, love. Recently I have studied many ‘new age’ thought systems, A course in miracles, law of attraction, Wayne Dyer, Seth speaks, much channeled material. All of it and bits of it make sense, finally something makes sense to me. Thank you for helping me to realize I am on the right track, although I think I can sense it myself with my own intuition but I am one who needs verification and things “thrown” at me. Thank you again. It has meant alot to me, to work with you.”

Debbie Nelson, January 2009

“My father died when I was twenty-two years old. There is a lot of things that I wanted to say to him but never had the chance. When I first meet Jennifer she connected with my father and I knew it was him, because he was a man of few words. I knew his expressions of speech right away. Only someone who knew my dad very well could have known all the things Jennifer was telling me about him.

I feel I was able to finally speak to him and felt a healing process. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who has loved ones on the other side and need to reconnect.”

Nancye – Fort Worth, Texas

“I recently attended the Body Mind Soul Expo in Seattle, and saw a demonstration facilitated by Jennifer Farmer. Time and again Jennifer connected to loved ones who had passed and had messages for audience members. When my Grandmother came through I was thrilled and I appreciated the information relayed by Jennifer. I will never forget the experience. I recommend Jennifer as a Psychic Medium and intend to call her in the future for more personal readings.”

Barb – Seattle, WA

“I recently had a wonderful reading with Jennifer Farmer and was both impressed with her psychic and mediumistic abilities as well as her ability to put me at ease. She made me feel as if we had known each other for a long time; yet she was like a trusted counselor and this at our first reading.

She was accurate and validated so much from her very first words. I have had readings before, although not lately, and I would place her in the very top of all those I have had since 1982. She was, in fact, astonishing. I sensed it was more a gift and a pleasure for her than “for the money” which was important to me. I am truly more at peace since she came to me at a time when I needed someone like her.”

David F., The Woodlands, Texas, December 2011

“I had never had a personal experience with a Psychic Medium before this. 5 months ago I went to a Mind Body Spirit Expo fair. I was familiar with the concepts but skeptical as to the nature of spirit communication. I went alone to a short presentation Jennifer gave, I didn’t know anyone there. Surprise, the first message out of the box was for ME! It was Charlie, a friend who passed 16 yrs. ago and was not on my mind at all. The message was about me and him, specifically to me. I was blown away. It was undeniable that it was accurate. I understood 90% of its meaning.

Over the next 5 months Jennifer has read for me and half a dozen of my personal life long friends. Everyone is amazed and agrees that she has a genuine gift to communicate with spirit. If you are looking too, she is a wonderful warm person to include in your journey.

Mike Matthias – Garland, TX


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