Healing Meditation Practice – Digital Download


Meditation CD for beginners


Healing Meditation

If you are in search of healing, the digital download of “Healing Meditation Practice” will be a good place to start. It includes a short five-minute preparation, and offers a 45-minute guided meditation to activate your healing power, connect to your Spirit within and bring in what you need in your life.

This guided meditation is designed to assist you in connecting to and activating your own healing power. This meditation practice is not meant to replace your current healing regimen.

This guided meditation is designed for all levels of meditation experience and should complement any healing efforts in your life.

Healing the Physical Body through meditation
Medical researchers have linked certain illnesses to our state of mind and to our emotional condition. They have found that when we undergo mental stress, emotional pain or depression our physical resistance to disease drops. We become more susceptible to catching a disease because our ability to keep our immune system in top working order decreases. Science has pinpointed certain diseases such as heart disease, digestive problems, breathing problems, and migraine headaches, to name a few, to be sometimes stress-related.

Healing meditation can be used for various health problems, such as:

• Anxiety, Physical pain
• Depression, Stress
• Dealing with grief
• Insomnia
• Physical symptoms that may be associated with chronic illnesses and their treatment.
• Overall wellness

Suggestions for healing meditation practice:

Meditation can effectively be utilized by people of all religions, faiths and belief systems. You do not convert or change your religious beliefs to practice meditation.
The more you practice your meditation, the better the results. Practice at least three times per week, especially when going through difficult time.

For the optimal experience:

  • Reduce distractions
  • Lower the light levels to help can help you relax
  • Sit comfortably with your back supported
  • Use headphones can help enhance your experience
  • Keep an open mind without expectations of the results
  • Practice often
  • Have fun with your meditation practice

Track One – Preparing for your healing transformation, 5 minutes.  Enjoy this effective and powerful breath meditation.


Track Two – Activating your healing power, 45 minutes. Connect to your Spirit within and bring in what you need in your life.


This disc and the digital files included cannot be reproduced without written permission from Jennifer Farmer. Please do not listen to this cd or the digital files while operating a car or doing anything that requires your complete control.