Getting a great reading helps cope with grief. I’ve had great readings over the years. In my recent post The Spirit World is listening, I wrote that hearing from my dad via a medium profoundly impacted my life. I found my first medium on a live internet radio show. It happened unexpectedly. One day, I was listening to the show and felt moved to pick up the phone and try to call in.  It was a great reading, short and sweet. I knew my dad was right there with us on the phone.

I didn’t grow up around mediums or psychics. So I had no clue what to know or look for in order to get a great reading. When I was 18, I had a brief encounter with a psychic, which was a bust. She told me I had a dark cloud around me.  She also told me for $500, she could get rid of it. I got out of the office as fast I could- not a great reading or experience.

In recent years, I feel TV mediums have positively impacted people’s perception of mediums and the Spirit World. Giving the audience an insider’s look at readings have made people a little more comfortable seeking out a medium. I’m thrilled that people are looking to hear from their loved ones. All mediums work a little different on building their link and connection to the Spirit World. A great reading will include many details from your loved ones. A special note here, TV shows are edited to bring out the best for the audience. Keep this in mind, when setting expectations about getting a great reading.

Plan ahead to get a great reading.

First of all, there are a lot of good psychic mediums in the world.  Most of the good ones I know and would recommend have wait lists.  I know for me, I limit the number of readings I do to stay mentally and physically healthy.  Just like any business, there are some not so good. Every psychic medium is unique in their abilities and how they use them. I highly recommend working with evidential mediums for connecting with deceased loved ones.  There are some things you should know when thinking about getting a reading.

  • Mediums connect with deceased loved ones in a mediumship reading.
  • Evidence includes facts about deceased loved ones life
  • Psychics connect with your energy and guides in an intuitive/psychic reading.
  • Psychic readings are focused on you and your life.
  • All mediums are psychic and use their psychic senses to communicate with the Spirit World.
  • Some psychics prefer not to connect with deceased loved ones

It’s my hope that everyone who seeks out a medium or psychic/intuitive has the best experience possible. Avoid getting a bad reading experience by watching my video. It’s short and sweet. It includes information you should know and things you can do to have the best reading experience.

Click here to watch my short on tips for a great reading.

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I hope you found this post to be helpful in getting a great reading.

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