The Spirit World listens to your whispers to them.  Your deceased loves hear your questions and thoughts of love you send them.  From my own experience, I can tell you that you have a second chance to say all things you didn’t get a chance to say to them. 

Truth be told, grief almost killed me.  My dad was everything to me. He passed unexpectedly. I felt guilty for things I said to him in our last phone conversation. I wanted him to know how much I loved him and felt I would never get the chance to tell him I love him again. Getting through the year following his passing was profoundly painful and I wanted to die.  It’s a miracle I lived through it.

Years later, through a series of synchronistic events, I came in contact with a medium. It wasn’t something I searched out.  In a brief phone call with a medium, I learned my dad was still with me.  The medium said things were said to me that I knew my dad was present at that moment. This was great news for me; I got a second chance to say I love you and I’m sorry.  Years of grief and pain evaporated from my soul.

Periodically, I invite my family and friends in spirit to be with me. I ask them to “stop by” when I’m going through a tough time or to a celebration that I know they would enjoy. Sometimes, they leave signs or coincidences come right away, sometimes in the coming days.

I’ve learned to recognize the signs and am attune to the language of the Spirit World. Hearing from them raises my spirits and reminds me that I’m not alone. 

For more than 10 years, I’ve dedicated my life to learning and sharing about the power of the Spirit World.  I’ve seen so many personal and professional validations and evidence of the afterlife. Trust me, your deceased loved ones are alive and well.  They inhabit Spirit World consciousness. Their presence comes to life in the invisible world of spirit.  The world of spirit communicates with love and intelligence.   The Spirit World is a loving force of life and energy. Your loved ones want to watch over you. It’s not a burden to them. In my opinion, they visit you because they want to help you heal and know they are OK.   

Connect to the Spirit World, it’s easier than you think.

You too can reach out to your loved ones. Tell  them know you love them and how much they mean to you.  Here are some things you can do to help with connecting to the Spirit World:

  • Slow down in life and get in touch with your own Spirit
  • Meditate so that you attune to higher vibrations and energy
  • In your mind, mentally invite them into your daily life
  • Let them know you are open for communication
  • Write letters to them  
  • Watch for coincidences and feelings of their presence
  • Forgive yourself for things you regret or wish you did different

If you know someone who is struggling with grief, please send and/or share this post with them.

It might be exactly what they need to read to get them through today. 

Thank you for reading my Solutions of Spirit post.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and will come back again.


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