Step into the Sacred Circle: Solutions of Spirit Community Awaits 

Greetings! I’m Jennifer Farmer, a passionate spiritual teacher and mentor based in Fort Worth, Texas. My work as an author, medium, and spiritual teacher revolves around two core beliefs: everyone deserves joy and inner peace, and we are never truly alone in our journey. The Solutions of Spirit Community is your sanctuary, designed for those keen to delve deep into spiritual discussions, learn from each other, and foster connections with the Spirit World. Ready for a transformative spiritual experience? This is your sign.

Why Join SOS Community? 

Our community is a sanctuary for spiritual enthusiasts eager to bond with kindred souls in a protective cocoon. Dive into riveting discussions about meditation, spiritual living, psychic development, and connections with the Spirit World. If you’re seeking a space infused with love, respect, and enlightenment, you’ve just found it!

Our Core Principles: 

  • Love & Kindness: Spread love in every interaction.
  • Respect: Celebrate diverse beliefs and ideas.  
  • Encouragement: Foster spiritual growth and curiosity.
  • Learning & Exploration: Immerse in the wonders of the Spirit.
  • Inspiration & Giving: Uplift each other continuously.
  • Unity: Promote a non-competitive, harmonious atmosphere.

Let’s Grow Together! 
If the mentioned themes resonate with you, tap into this inspired spiritual space. Click “JOIN” and embark on a soulful journey with us. Your approval awaits within 24 hours.


If you have any questions regarding Jennifer’s services, please contact us by calling or e-mailing us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

E-mail Us:

Business Mailing Address. This is NOT the address for private readings. Private readings are held at an office in Fort Worth, Texas. The private readings address will be provided upon appointment confirmation.

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