meditation and messages

Are you ready?

If you’ve lost a loved one or want a deeper understanding of how your Loved Ones, Spirit Guides and Angels support you, this class will inspire and enhance your healing journey. 

Are you ready to connect with the Spirit World?

Your Loved Ones on the Other Side want to help you heal from grief, regrets and depression. Be comforted by them and transform feelings of loss, sadness into peace. In addition to your Loved Ones, you’re Spirit Guides and Angels are waiting to Divinely guide you while starting new chapter filled with energy, healing and joy. 

You don’t have to be a medium. It is possible to connect and communicate with your deceased Loved Ones, Spirit Guides and Angels. 

Join me LIVE for Meditation and Messages with the Spirit World online workshop. Registration OPEN.

Special Price $22.00 (value $109)

Attendance Does Not Guarantee A Message

Recording available within 24 hours

Gain confidence in your abilities 

  • Learn how to make contact  
  • Discover what signs to look for from Loved Ones
  • Recognize the difference imagination or a message
  • Practice guided healing meditation with the Spirit World
  • Learn how to heal relationships with Loved Ones who have passed
  • Experience the evidence and healing messages through random LIVE READINGS

Workshop features

  • 2 hours of hands on live ONLINE training on video (telephone access also provided)
  • Healing with the Spirit World Meditation Series download
  • Life time access to the workshop replay
  • Random readings and Q&A 

About ME

I’ve worked as a professional Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive and Medium for the past 13 years. My psychic and mediumship gifts are natural and have evolved over time. I strive to continue to study new teachings and regularly attends workshops. I love helping my clients and students find peace, purpose and empowerment by connecting to the Spirit World.  I’ve had the honor of being a recognized leader in my field. In 2008, I earned the seal of approval as one of the best psychic mediums.  Student and clients tell me over and over how connecting to the Spirit World transformed their lives. They tell me my classes have helped them discover new confidence, trust in their psychic abilities and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. I look forward to supporting you in your healing journey with the Spirit World.

With gratitude,



“An Intuitive Reading with Jennifer is not focused on contacting deceased loved ones, but rather on receiving ANSWERS and GUIDANCE from both SPIRIT and ENERGY. An Intuitive Reading assists us in dealing with our personal and professional concerns from all levels—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”  ~Bob Olson

“The class was exactly what I wanted – good information; well-organized; lots of personal attention.” ~Laurie K 

“I think this workshop is a very thoughtful program and could help anyone needing guidance to overcome grief.  People not affected by grief do not understand it is a process and not just something you “get over” in a couple months or so.  Professional prepared and presentation, this workshop is a definite must take.” ~Karen D.

“This was the best class. I learned so much. I loved how responsive you were to everyone’s individual needs. You seemed to understand what each participant needed! This class was packed full of so much information and exercises to practice.  You are a natural on camera.  I loved the Q & A at the end.  I would highly recommend this class.” ~Kathy F.