Press and Radio

Press and Radio

Jennifer has been a featured guest on several radio programs. She brings enthusiasm and
energy to any broadcast.  She is diverse in many spiritual and real life discussions. When she
takes live calls, her professionalism and generous spirit is felt and heard by all who
listen and participate.


Articles and Features

yoga-magazine-jan-2010-120x163 Butterfly Healing, featuring Jennifer Farmer, Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher , Yoga Magazine, January 2010. This January issue is available at Barnes and Noble.
Reprint of this article Butterfly Healing

Audio Webcasts


DrPatShow_150x150 Make the Spiritual Connection with Psychic Medium Jennifer Farmer
Awaken and expand your spiritual connection in this empowering and enlightening broadcast with Dr. Pat and co-host Jennifer Farmer. Tune in for practical tips and insightful discussions on igniting your own Spirit, utilizing intuition and developing a connection with the Spirit World. During the broadcast, she will open the phone lines and assist callers with improving and making spiritual connections.

May 5, 2014 Spirit World Communication

June 2, 2014 Everyday Spiritual Connection Strategies

July 31, 2014 Unleash the Psychic Within

August 13, 2014 Live a Spiritually Powered Life

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john-holland-150x220 John Holland’s Spirit Connections with guest Jennifer Farmer, hosted by John Holland, June 18 2012, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm CST.Jennifer returns as a special guest to Spirit Connections on Hay House radio live with John Holland! They will be taking your calls, doing LIVE readings and Jennifer will be discussing tips and techniques to develop your natural psychic abilities, accelerating your awareness with meditation and working with the Spirit World.Note, a paid membership to the Hayhouse Wisdom Community ($) is required hear this show archive.

John Holland Webcast Page

John Holland’s Website


melissa-frei-badge-wed-125x125 Voices From The Other Side, with guest Jennifer Farmer, hosted by Melissa Frei, original webcast on February 22 2012.Each week on Voices from the Other Side-Resurrected, Melissa Frei will bring you cutting edge information in areas of the metaphysical such as the afterlife, spirits, ghosts and more! Melissa will chat with her special guests from all corners of the world who are truly the best in their field of the psychic arts. Created especially to help bring clarity, understanding and truth about the afterlife and the unexplained in our physical reality, the show is a must! You don’t want to miss a single episode; you never know who or what will appear!Melissa Frei’s Webcast PageMelissa Frei’s WebsiteDownload/Listen to this webcast here



on-the-wing-of-an-angel-lisa-kreinbrink-90x90 Angels Calling 2010, with guest Jennifer Farmer, hosted by Lisa Kreinbrink, original webcast on June 1, 2010.Have you ever dreamt you were with someone that has already passed on? Can you sometimes smell a certain odor that reminds you of someone that is on the other side? Please Join Lisa to Learn what this means, get a reading done, and so much more. Lisa has been doing this work for over 20 years and has lead people on to their path to happiness. She is a certified Psychic, Medium, Intuitive counselor, Reiki master, Spiritual Counselor, Energy and Distance Healer and so much more.Lisa Kreinbrink’s Blog Talk Radio website. 

Walking the Path with Dawn and Laura, with guest Jennifer Farmer, hosted by Dawn and Laura, original webcast was on March 29, 2010.We all have a unique path unfolding before us with every step we take along our life’s journey. Through sharing our ideas, knowledge and experiences, we hope to create an atmosphere that inspires our listeners to take a more intuitive approach to life.Dawn and Laura’s Blog Talk Radio website. 

debbie-edwards-125x143 Developing Higher Awareness with Intuitive, Medium & Spiritual Teacher Jennifer Farmer, hosted by Debbie Edwards, with guest Jennifer Farmer. Jennifer will be Debbie’s guest on her webcast on December 15, 2009, 9pm Central Time, call in number (646) 716-6198, at The archive of this webcast to be available for a short time at Debbie’s Blog Talk Radio website. Debbie Edwards official website is

sandy-ruminski-125x127 Messages From Your Angels, hosted by Sandy Ruminski, with guest Jennifer Farmer. Jennifer will be Sandy’s guest on her webcast on January 4, 2010. The archive of this webcast to be available in February 2010 at

melissa-frei-80x80 The Melissa Frei Show, hosted by Melissa Frei, with special guest Jennifer Farmer. Jennifer was Mellisa’s guest on her webcast on November 12, 2009. The archive of this webcast is located at

Dr. Rita Louise with guest Jennifer Farmer. Jennifer discusses meditation basics with Dr. Louise. Webcast date March 13, 2009, 7PM-9PM Central Time, at Archives of this show after the original webcast date are available at Archives.

john-holland-80x120 John Holland with guest Jennifer Farmer. “Spirit Connections with John Holland” and guest Jennifer Farmer, air date January 19, 2009, 2PM-4PM, at Note, a paid membership to the Hayhouse Wisdom Community ($) is required hear this show archive. To learn more about John Holland read his biography.

Annette Jones with guest Jennifer Farmer. “Paranormal Talk” is a weekly webcast call-in show. Annette has been a professional tarot reader for 8 years, and is a born intuitive psychic. Jennifer was Annette’s guest on a November 18, 2008 webcast, at This is a free, archived webcast.

bels-light-80x94 Bels Light with guest Jennifer Farmer. Get to know more about Jennifer on the Bels Light web radio show, recorded live Feb 26, 2008. Hear Jennifer’s insights and visions with Bel and her callers.  On, length 60 minutes.

Humanity 101, hosted by Lonna Barley, with guest Jennifer Farmer. Jennifer was Lonna Bartley’s guest on her webcast on October 30, 2009. The archive of this webcast is located at

Journey of Life Radio, hosted by Joseph LoBrutto III, with guest Jennifer Farmer. Jennifer was Joseph’s guest on his webcast on March 19, 2009. The archive of this webcast is located at


The Dr. Pat Show OnLine.  “Called ‘The Oprah of Radio’ by her listeners, award-winning host, Dr. Pat Baccili is blowing the doors off of traditional talk radio! The Dr. Pat Show is #1 in Seattle on KKNW 1150 AM and on”

These links will take you to Dr. Pat’s Website, where you can hear archives of Dr. Pat with co-host Jennifer.

2014:  Jennifer Farmer – Co Hosts with Dr. Pat.


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