Healing with the Spirit World Live Workshop



Join me, Jennifer Farmer for my new LIVE online workshop series. During this 5-week series:

  • I’ll show you how to access your gifts from the Spirit within.
  • We will work together to create a new Spirit centered life purpose.
  • I’ll help you understand and connect to the Spirit World.
  • I’ll give you the tools to use your intuitive abilities and implement effective strategies to lead a fulfilling life.

Feelings of loss and sadness can be managed and overcome. It really is possible to move beyond grief and depression. After loss, so many life situations change. You don’t have to deal with it by yourself. 

Healing Grief with the Spirit World will help positively enhance all areas of your life.  By the end of the live series, you’ll have a solid foundation of Spirit infused strategies. The new strategies will help you start a new chapter and experience life with more confidence, freedom and peace. 



I will take you step-by-step through your healing process and connecting to the Spirit World. Over the past 10 years, I’ve helped people heal grief through readings and development workshops. Development students continue to tell me how healing with Spirit helped them discover new confidence, trust in their psychic abilities and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. 


{During this 5-week online workshop, you’ll get in-depth training including:}

  • How to access the healing power of Spirit and apply it in your life
  • Techniques that help you dismantle fear and move forward with ease
  • Experimentation with various meditation techniques that bring peace, comfort and clarity
  • Discover your natural intuitive abilities so you can get own guidance
  • Use tested techniques that help you resolve guilt, worry and depression
  • Explore and practice your psychic and intuitive abilities in order develop personal trust and effectiveness
  • Learn how to connect with the Spirit World (guides, God, Angels, deceased loved ones)

{Some of the emotional benefits you’ll get from workshop:}

  • A lessening of the heavy weight of grief 
  • Relief from the debilitating effects of guilt, anger, depression
  • Comfort of awareness of your deceased loved ones 
  • Freedom to move forward without regrets
  • Renewed hope for a better tomorrow
  • Improvement self-trust and belief in yourself

{What’s included for you:}

  • 10 hours of hands on live ONLINE training with Jennifer on video (telephone access also provided)
  • 8 guided meditation downloads that reinforce class teachings
  • Access to live video replays for 6 months
  • Downloadable guides and tips sheets to assist with home study
  • Live practice and feedback each week
  • Live Q&A each week with Jennifer


***Online LIVE Workshop Class is closed ***


{Student reviews:}

‘The class was exactly what I wanted – good information; well-organized; lots of personal attention.”Laurie K 

“I think this workshop is a very thoughtful program and could help anyone needing guidance to overcome grief.  People not affected by grief do not understand it is a process and not just something you “get over” in a couple months or so.  Professional prepared and presentation, this workshop is a definite must take.” Karen D.

“This was the best class. I learned so much. I loved how responsive you were to everyone’s individual needs. You seemed to understand what each participant needed!   This class was packed full of so much information and exercises to practice.  You are a natural on camera.  I loved the Q & A at the end.  I would highly recommend this class.” Kathy F.